List of Mantras in Kapiṣṭhala-Kaṭha-Saṃhitā - Another Addition to A Vedic Concordance -

Makoto Fushimi


As mentioned in the articles on the mantras in Baudhāyana Śrautasūtra and in Hiraṇyakeśin Śrautasūtra, more than a full century ago, in the preface to his monumental work, A Vedic Concordance, BLOOMFIELD emphasized the importance of further collection and transaction of the data from not yet published texts.

Recently the Concordance was updated by Franceschini with the data from various texts.

Here I add the data from the Kapiṣṭhala-Kaṭha-Saṃhitā, which is not yet included in the Concordance, with the numbering of the second edition which is widely used now. As entities this collection includes r̥c, yajus, praiṣa, pāda of śloka as in A Vedic Concordance.

I hope, like that of Baudhāyana Śrautasūtra, this list, together with that of Hiraṇyakeśin Śrautasūtra, will be integrated in a future update of the Concordance.

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