Mantra List in Hiraṇyakeśi Śrautasūtra: Addition to A Vedic Concordance

Makoto Fushimi


As mentioned in the article on the mantras in Baudhāyana Śrautasūtra, a century ago, in the preface to his monumental work, A Vedic Concordance, Bloomfield wrote a section titled “Future Work Complementary to the Concordance.” There he emphasized the importance of further collection and transaction of the data from not yet published texts. In responce to his thought, recently the Concordance was updated by Franceschini with the data from various texts. Here I add the data from the Hiraṇyakeśi Śrautasūtra published in Ānandāśrama Saṃskṛt Series, which is not yet included in the Concordance.

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