Art and Gender in the Contact Zone

European Women and Indian Miniature Painting

  • Dorota Kamińska-Jones (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The contact zone angle highlights how people subjected to it are shaped by their mutual relations; it also examines the relationship between the two civilisations not in terms of distinctiveness or separation but instead looks at co-presence and interaction, resulting in understanding and action. Following this path, one may wonder how the artist shaped his creations while in contact with a completely alien tradition, how he understands,interprets and adapts it. In analysing the issues concerning the presentation of European women we must deal with two levels of intercultural contact:art and gender, and their interaction. Moving forward, this contact does not have to be permanent or unchanging; it is also relevant how it influenced the understanding of reality and changed perceptions, when temporarily there was no direct relationship. What is interesting is the persistence and transformation of forms created under the influence of direct contact. This can also be noticed on many levels, including indirect contact, which may be regarded as mere familiarisation with the creations of a foreign civilisation, or even as their adaptations made locally.