Kira Banasińska – Seventy Years in India

From Diplomacy to Kaybee

  • Małgorzata Reinhard-Chlanda (Author)

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In Polish-Indian diplomatic relations, Kira Banasińska, the wife of the first Polish consul during the years 1933–1944, played a role that cannot be overstated. The complicated and dramatic historical events which had such an impact on the fate of Poles living in the East were reflected in her long – encompassing the entire 20th century – life. Banasińska died in 2002, at the age of 103. She spent almost all of her long life as an emigrant – mainly in Asia, spending 70 years of that time in India, where she remained very active and highly respected until the end of her life. She was an independent, resourceful, emancipated woman, active in many different fields.