Treaties in historical studies - the 1607 trade treaty between the Ottoman Empire and Poland

  • Züleyha Ustaoğlu (Author)

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After the Ottoman Empire had established itself as the dominant power in the Black Sea, it started to form relationships with other states on the shores of the Black Sea. The first relations between the Ottomans and Poland began in 1414, with the request of the King of Hungary to Poland for assistance in the fight against the Ottomans. The King of Poland, Wla- dyslaw Jagiello, sent Skarbek of Góra and the Armenian Gregory to Mehmed I as ambassadors to negotiate. As a result, Mehmed I signed a six-year treaty with Hungary. On the 22nd March, 1489, Kazimierz IV Jagiellon sent two ambassadors to the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II and succeeded in signing the two-year treaty. This treaty was renewed during the reign of Jan Olbracht (Jan Albert) and articles regarding trade were included.