Ottoman tent from Prince Czartoryski’s collection - a new look at an old tradition

  • Beata Biedrońska-Słota (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The memories of relationships between Poland and Turkey has become a source of some deeply entrenched myths. Notoriously persistent among them, was a belief in the incredibly rich spoils gained after the victorious battles of Polish warriors at Chocim in 1621 and 1673, Żurawno in 1676 and, most important of all, during the Vienna campaign and final victory. This belief was so prevalent that provenance from war trophies was attributed to nearly every piece of Turkish art in Polish collections. Undoubtedly, some exquisite specimens of Turkish art in Poland have been acquired in that way, as has been confirmed by sources and stylistic analyses. However, some other items were added to this group later, with the intent of embellishing tradition. The lack of evidence to support any alleged connection with war spoils and contradictory stylistic features was blithely concealed.