My inspirations from traditional Syrian architecture

  • Wojciech Zabłocki (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


I visited Syria in 1982 in order to help local architects in the design of Sport City in Aleppo. I was already slightly acquainted with Arab architecture due to my earlier short visit to the Emirates. But this time it was different, I had big projects to discuss and to put forward my architectural propositions, and it was in the urban context of this magnificent town with a rich cultural history. So I began to take afternoon walks in the town with my sketchbook. I stopped before every building that, according to my knowledge and my feeling, could help me better understand the local traditions and I made some quick black-and-white sketches. I was fascinated by some characteristic delicate stone details, by the meandering, narrow streets and by the slender minarets. The powerful citadel of Aleppo impressed me with its ramparts and towers.