Author Guidelines

Authors/producers will submit their film together with a written text. Films may engage in affective aspects of the audio-visual, explore the boundaries of the film-form, or address political or cultural issues within more established formats. The journal seeks contributions that situate the film through historical, reflexive methodological, and/or theoretical expositions. Films and texts published in Dastavezi will be supplied with a DOI number and can be searched and quoted in other academic environments.

Films submitted can have a maximum length of 100 minutes and essays should consist of approximately 3000 words. Similar to the submitted text, contributors should be willing to re-edit their films to fit the journal’s standard. An international editorial board consisting of academics and filmmakers will ensure the quality of the written and the filmic contributions. Accepted contributions will be available to the public on an open-access platform provided by Heidelberg University.

Privacy Statement

Names and contact information, that are provided to the journal during the  submission process, are used exclusively for the purpose mentioned and will not be transferred to third parties.