Bildung als Herausforderung für die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung Indiens

  • Elena Brosch (Autor/in)
  • Michael von Hauff (Autor/in)

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The importance of human capital for economic growth is undisputed, as is the role of education for the creation of human capital. Thus, a country is only able to exploit its full potential of economic growth, if its educational syastem manages to create as much human capital as possible. Every able person mjust have the opportunity to develop his or her human capital through education. This article analyses the Indian system of school education. It aims to highlight positive developments as well as institutional shortcomings and policy reforms and programmes. The article shows that India's progress towards "education for all" has been impressive, but also emphasizes the fact that the Indian system of school education is still characterized by huge regional, social and gender inequalities. The quality of education is another challenging problem, which might be explained by institutional factors.