Das Antisezessionsgesetz der VR China und die Aufhebung des EU-Waffenembargos

  • Holger Haase (Autor/in)

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On March 14, 2005, the National People's Congress passed an "Anti-Secession Law". It authorizes the Chinese government to employ non-peaceful means to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. While Chinese media describe this law as "peaceful" and accepted by most of the people, Western and Taiwanese media call it a "war-law", maintaining that it will make the relationship between China and Taiwan worse. On account of this law, there is a discussion in the USA and Europe as to whether the arms embargo should be lifted or not. The German and French government want to do so, because they believe China has made progress as regards human rights. The government of the US opposes such a move, because in their view human rights are not the main problem but the ChinaTaiwan question. Lifting the arms embargo would destroy the military balance in favour of the People's Republic.