Stadt, Staat, sozialer Raum und Politik in Singapur. Zum Stand der aktuellen Diskussion

  • Manfred Kieserling (Autor/in)

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The following article presents a survey of the literature concerning questions of politics and social space in the international city of Singapore. It shows that there are a lot of interesting publications on policies and politics as well as on urban space and its recent development. But up till now there is a lack of specific social area analyses and studies on the links and interdependencies between social space and politics. Moreover, an analysis of the consequences of the globalisation process as it affects politics and social space is still outstanding. This seems rather surprising considering the fast growing corpus of literature on global cities. Focussing on the International city of Singapore as an important exemplary location, the article shows that in addition to the progress made in research in recent years it might be pathbreaking to link the specific discourses on social space, politics and globalisation.