Lieder gegen den Kommunalismus. Soziale Aktionsgruppen in Indien

  • Georg Amshoff (Autor/in)

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Although the issue of growing communalism in India received much attention in recent years, one important aspect was widely neglected: the existence of a quite considerable secularist movement against communalism. Several Social Action Groups and NGOs are working against growing communalisation and the danger of communal riots. They are trying to start a counter-agitation through education, street plays, and public activities like human chains in riot-hit areas. In their work they are widely employing one of the most effective means of Social Action Groups in general: especially made songs in local languages. Modelled along traditional tunes, the words of these songs are either slightly changed traditionally or newly-made verses. These songs unmask communalism as a power game in the disguise of religion and call for unity among all people.

This paper outlines some basic aspects of Social Action Groups and describes the anti-communalism activities of some groups. A general introduction to songs as a powerful means and intensely used medium of Social Action Groups is followed by a German translation of some songs against communalism.