Vor einer Neuordnung des islamischen Orients? Alte Kränkungen und neue Kooperationsperspektiven

  • Dieter Weiss (Autor/in)

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US hegemonial supremacy is proclaiming a New Political Order for the Middle East. Its implementation is meeting resistance in Arab societies . A prevailing mood of wounded self-esteem and cultural identity is being expressed by fundamentalist movements claiming that "Islam is the solution" to the deficits in socio-economic development and political organisation particularly as compared to the Newly Industrialising Countries of the Far East. The Arab Human Development Report 2002 has identified the "freedom deficit, the women's empowerment deficit and the human capabilities and knowledge deficit" throughout the region. International development cooperation should focus on generally accepted fields of education, technology and scientific research, thus strengthening attitudes compatible with the challenges of globalisation. A Euro-Arab Partnership University has a crucial part to play in exploring common avenues in the face of global challenges, narrowing options and rising ecological constraints.