Author Guidelines

Notes for Contributors

The editors request contributors to kindly observe the following guidelines:

  • Please send your manuscript to the Editorial Manager, Ann-Elisabeth Philipp, International Quarterly for Asian Studies, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, email:
  • An article manuscript should not exceed 8,000 words (without footnotes, references, etc.) and must be written in (British) English, using double, not single, quotation marks.
  • In addition, an abstract of the text should be submitted in English; it should be between 150 and 180 words in length. Please provide five keywords, a short running title, your email address, institutional affiliation and postal address for the list of authors (will be published).
  • Kindly submit your manuscript in plain text using a Word document with as little formatting as possible.
  • We ask you not to use endnotes; footnotes for additional information should be numbered consecutively. For references to literature cited kindly use in-text citation: references should be placed within the text in parentheses and chronologically, e.g. (Willson 1964: 57; Adams / Meyer 1983: 60–67). For more than two authors use “et al.” after the first author’s name. References, to be placed after the text under the heading “References”, should be listed alphabetically by author and chronologically for each author. Please refer to our stylesheet for details.
  • Tables and figures should be kept to a minimum and numbered consecutively. They must be cited in the text and followed by a clear indication of where the table or figure should be placed in the text. Each table and figure should have a self-contained title. These titles should be placed at the end of the text, with each table and figure provided in a separate document and provided in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format only (no pdfs or elements copied from pdfs). They must not be created using colour – instead simple but easily distinguished patterns should be used.
  • We do not accept articles that have been previously published or are under review elsewhere.
  • After the submission of your manuscript to our journal, the document will be anonymised and forwarded to the editors. They will decide if the article is to be submitted for external peer-review. At least two reviewers will then give a feedback on your article and recommend its acceptance for publication using four categories: acceptance without any changes, acceptance with minor changes, revise and resubmit (major changes) and rejection. Kindly note that due to this procedure it may take up to three months before we can give a final answer regarding the acceptance of your manuscript.
  • Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author grants the publisher the simple and spatially unlimited right to reproduce and disseminate his or her contribution in physical form, in German and in other languages, and to make it accessible to the public in print and free online versions (open access).
  • Your article should be orientated toward a readership composed of scholars working in various disciplines, but written to be accessible to non-specialists as well.
  • Material appearing in the International Quarterly for Asian Studies does not represent the views of the editors or of the publisher. Responsibility for opinions expressed and the accuracy of facts published in articles rests solely with the individual authors.

Privacy Policy

We process your personal data only for the purposes stated in this data protection declaration. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties for purposes other than those mentioned.
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