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  • IQAS welcomes the submission at any time of manuscripts that fit the focus and scope of our journal. Individual articles may be added to an appropriate special issue or will be part of a mixed issue combining articles on various topics. IQAS is published in English only. German-language articles are accepted during the review process but will have to be translated into English before publication. Before submission please read our author guidelines and information on the peer-review process. Submission is currently only possible via e-mail to asianstudies@abi.uni-freiburg.

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About the Journal

IQAS (International Quarterly for Asian Studies) has been Germany's leading academic journal on Asia since 1970. It provides a forum for multidisciplinary research on current and historical topics relevant to politics, economics and society in contemporary Asia. It seeks to make the results of social science research on Asia known to a broader public discourse about Asia. The contributions are intended for a public that is aware that the regions and cultures of the world have always been interlinked and, thus, need to be understood in relation to one another. The journal appears quarterly or semi-anually as a double issue both in a print and an open access version. IQAS continues “Internationales Asienforum”.

Vol 49 No 3–4 (2018)

Fear and Fright in South Asian Religion and Society
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Cover Autumn 2018
Vol 49 No 3-4 (2018): Fear and Fright in South Asian Religion and Society
Published: 2019-07-05